www.PeopleFinders.com is a public records business located in Sacramento, California. The company offers a variety of public records including address histories, phone numbers and background checks. Contents Rob Miller worked as a private investigator for Intel Corporation, www.PeopleFinders.com but he left in 1986 to start Confi-Chek. This was a privately held corporation that provided public records and investigative information to attorneys, private investigators and other licensed professionals. According to the website bizjournals.com, Confi-Chek only supplies public records to other businesses. In 1999 Rob Miller founded PeopleFinders. The company's original business model was to establish strategic deals with partners such as Classmates.com, but by 2003 Miller expanded the company for the purpose of providing public records to members of the general public. Products and services PeopleFinders is largely a "People Search" company, providing individuals with www.PeopleFinders.com various types of public records that will allow them to obtain contact information for most private citizens in the United States. In addition, PeopleFinders.com offers background checks, criminal records and a variety of other public records related to marriage, divorce, birth, death, bankruptcy, unclaimed money and property ownership. This data is collected from various sources, including government agencies, property records and other public records sources. The PeopleFinders blog, which is titled Anyone, Anywhere,was launched in May 2009. This blog covers topics that are related to people searches, current events, and how to obtain background checks and other public record reports. Anyone, Anywhere typically publishes two blog entries per week; the first on Monday and the second on Thursday. In 2008 PeopleFinders.com was noted for being one of the fastest growing internet based www.PeopleFinders.com companies. Deloitte, an independent firm that provides audit and consulting services, listed the company as number 24 in the Technology Fast 50 for the Silicon Valley. This ranking was based on the amount of revenue growth the company experienced between 2003 and 2007. Mark Jensen, Managing Partner, National Venture Capital Services, Deloitte & Touche LLP, stated that PeopleFinders was one of a very few companies to "accomplish such a fast growth rate over the PeopleFinders was also listed as a Deloitte Fast 500 company in both 2008 and 2009.Since its inception, PeopleFinders has grown from 9 employees to approximately 50 in 2009. Privacy policy and opt-out If one wishes to remove their information from the PeopleFinders database, they may do so online.The site features a ˇ°Manage Your Public Recordsˇ± section that allows visitors to find their records and then www.PeopleFinders.com remove them from the site. PeopleFinders no longer accepts opt out requests sent via mail or fax.